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Dona Arabella Wins for Princess Eleanor!

April 21st, 2010 Comments off

Congratulations to Dona Arabella da Siena and her new horse Otto for winning the Spring 2010 Queen’s Equestrian Championship in honor of Princess Eleanor di Michelozzo Gianfigliazi.

Photos are available HERE.

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April Altavia Equestrian Practices

March 29th, 2010 Comments off

Please note that the April Altavia Equestrian Practices have been moved to the second and fourth Fridays instead of their normal first and third Fridays due to event conflicts.

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No Practice 1/1/10

December 22nd, 2009 Comments off

Please note that there will not be an Altavia Equestrian practice on 1/1/10 due to the holiday. Practice will resume on 1/15/10.

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Mayken de Houtman Wins the Fall 2009 QEC!

November 30th, 2009 Comments off

Congratulations to Lady Mayken and Jo-jo for their fine win Sunday November 29, 2009 and for securing the Queen’s Equetsrian Champion title for HRM Kara the Twin of Kelton. Riders competed in a two-part mixed horsemanship and weapons skills course with the three top score and time combinations of the first round moving on to a round robin elimination. Lady Anwyldd on Thai and Lady Erycha von Scotte on Storm followed in a close second and third place, respectively.

THLady Virginia Read, equestrian steward of this event, would like to extend her heartfelt thanks to the Shire of Darach for sponsoring this event and supplying event stewards, Dona Arabella for paperwork assistance, Lady Erycha for the supply of some of the specialty equipment featured in the courses, the Kingdom Lysts Officer, and her AMAZING volunteer groundcrew: Sionnach, Connal, Lyssette, Roberto, and Deanna who took a challenging course and kept it running smoothly all day.

Placings were as follows:

Course #1: Top Three Points (Time = Tiebreaker) Move to Course Two

1 Anwyldd (Suzy)
2 Mayken
3 Erycha
4 Damales
5 Kristen
6 Arabella
7 Deanna
8 Sven
9 Tierryna
10 Claire
11 Rhianna

Course #2 Run #1: Semifinals

1 Anwyldd (Suzy)
2 Mayken
3 Erycha

Course #2 Run #2: Finals

1 Mayken
2 Anwyldd (Suzy)
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New Golden Lance Announced

October 13th, 2009 Comments off

Azure, a crescent argent and overall a lance Or, a bordure embattled argent.Special congratulations to The Honorable Lady Virginia Read on being the second person in the Kingdom to be inducted in to the Order of the Golden Lance at this year’s Great Western War. Her Ladyship joins Dona Arabella da Siena in representing CAID in this grant level recognition.

For more information on the Order of the Golden Lance please click here.

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Article Feature in The Equestrian News

October 6th, 2009 Comments off

Virginia Hankins, also known as Virginia Read in the Society, has been featured in the October/November 2009 edition of The Equestrian News for her experiences in Renaissance Faires and competitive medieval events across the country. To read the full story please visit:

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Altavia Equestrian Practice Cancelled on 10/1/2009

October 2nd, 2009 Comments off

Please note that this week’s Altavia Equestrian practice in Thousand Oaks has been cancelled due to the untimely death of our member Kolfinna to illness. We extend our heartfelt thanks to her for all that she did for us for achiving kingdom and society level recognition of our equestrian sport and in donating so much time and effort to our website and publicity. We’ll miss your smile.

Thousand Oaks practices will resume Friday October 16, 2009 from 6:30 PM-9:30 PM.

Kolfinna at the Spring 2009 Queen's Equestrian Championship

Kolfinna at the Spring 2009 Queen's Equestrian Championship

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New Equestrian Web Site

With the news that geocities will be shutting it’s doors later this year, the Caid Equestrian site is moving to this new web site. We should be fully up and functioning shortly.

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Academy News Vol. 5 – 4/16/2003

April 16th, 2003 Comments off

Letter from the Minister

Lady Draga von Falkenstien

Lady Draga von Falkenstien

Lady Draga von Falkenstien

Greetings all!

This year has brought about a number of new changes for the Academy.

Great Western War VII is a ways off but the war staff is already busy preparing and planning. This year will have even more Equestrian activities than last year! Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. I will have some special goodies for anyone who signs up for Equestrian volunteer hours prior to the war. Email me if you are interested!

We have grown significantly in the past two years, event attendance by riders and spectators has increased, the number of events has almost increased twofold . However to my eyes we seem to have reached a plateau. It appears that we have a goodly number of the SCA horsemen (and women) participating on a regular or semi-regular basis.

I believe the next step is to start introducing non-SCA horse folk to our world. I can’t tell you how many people at the stable have responded positively to my descriptions of the SCA and Equestrian activities.

Just think…. There are about 60 people on the Caid Equestrian list, if each of us brought one new person to an event – even if only 50% decided to come back, our numbers would significantly increase. That’s an extremely positive scenario – but even if it only results in a handful of new members it’s worth it!

In Service,

Lady Draga von Falkenstein

Academy Minister

The Fine Art of Pig Sticking

Lord Nialls MacKeth

Lord Nialls MacKeth

By Lord Nialls MacKeth

Boar hunting on horseback was commonly referred to as “pig sticking”. However, since this article is not based on historical facts, but rather quite a bit of practice and observation, we will not be going there this issue.

The first time I ever saw pigsticking was at Queens Equestrian Champion (Catalina) Dec 02. It was my first medieval equestrian event I attended as a spectator. I can vividly remember the look Master Damales gave me when he looked over and saw me. It was one of those, “Who is this freak and why is he staring at me,” kinda looks. I was staring, but I was also absorbing all of the information he was relaying to Duke Edric and others at the time. I noticed one thing that day. Duke Edric was crushing everyone at pigs. He was also using his own spear. I made a mental note to myself that if I ever had the opportunity to compete in the games, I would need one of those spears.

Going over all of the old scores and attending events, you can deduct that pigsticking is not everyone’s favorite event. Thus, my strategy was born. Practice at pig sticking until I have it down. Four pigs gets you 5 points at Queens Champion.

At first, I had no pig sticking spear. So a 9 foot dowel one inch in diameter became my spear. For the pig, I used a regular size horse brush. Every time I went riding, I would do 10 passes at the brush simulating sticking the pig and raising it into the air. Once I was hitting the brush 9 out of 10 times, I knew it was time to graduate. This is an excellent exercise you can do at your home barn without scaring anyone. Also, great for beginners to hone their skills.

If you want to win at pigs, you definitely need access to or purchase a good spear tip. Master Damales makes the best pig sticking spears I have seen to date. They slice through them like butter and hold like super glue. They are amazing. This is not a paid advertisement, just an observation. You are only as good as your riding skill, your horse’s ability and your equipment. Three factors to consider when competing. The last of which is often times overlooked. There are two other factors luck and heart, but that’s a whole other story.

Okay so now you have been practicing at the brush and now have your own pig sticking spear. You’ve made some pigs according to the handbook and are ready to go. Take up your spear and lay it across the top of your arm, holding it in your hand. Then allow the tip of the spear to touch the ground. You should now move your hand on the spear to where it feels most comfortable and when you dip the spear, it just touches the ground. Generally your hand should be as high as your thigh. If you don’t understand, find me at an event and I can show you. You shouldn’t have to stab at the pig unless you are using a dull spear. Raise your spear tip above your head so as not to stick any of the ground crew and go line up for your run.

As you line up for your run, take a look at the pigs. There are usually 6 to 8 of them in a haphazard pile. Before you even make the run, pick out the one you plan on sticking. Being right handed, I select the one farthest to the left and closest to me. That is my mark. Line up and allow the spear tip to dip to about 3 feet off the ground. You should have the spear set and ready to go. Your only thoughts on the pig you have selected and getting your horse to go at your authorized gate.

Pigsticking is not a timed event so SLOW DOWN. Go as slow as possible in whichever gait you are authorized at. For advanced, a slow collected canter will get you more pigs than a fast showy run on them. Indecision can mean a full twelve foot stride so make sure you go for the pig you selected at the start of your run. Dip the spear and touch the ground through the pig. Your momentum and spear position should help to stick the pig and roll it sky ward.

One down, three more to go. After you remove the pig from your spear, be sure to reposition your hand on the spear as mentioned earlier. Pick your pig well in advance and ride as slow as your authorization allows. That’s basically it. With enough practice, your worst score should be a 3 out of 4. Bad luck factored in ;-D


Emprise of the Tilting Lance

Unto the Equestrians of the Kingdom of Caid and the Knowne Worlde, doth Lord Nialls MacKeth, event steward for the Emprise of the Tilting Lance, sends greetings and thanks,

First and Foremost, I would like to thank my Lady wife Kalyst for all her help. I could not have thought up such beautiful site tokens. Nor could I have done much of anything without her aide.

Secondly, I’d like to thank Master Damales for helping me pull off the event, all his advice, and all of his encouragement. I could not have done it without him.

I did not expect too many people to come out Friday, but Master Damales had a good trail ride. We had 6 people encamped at our group encampment. Very low key with the exception of the Boy Scout troupe taking up all the other group encampments. It almost felt like a great western war.

Saturday was a great day with practice extending all day. The games were setup at 7am thanks to Master Damales for the help. Much thanks went to Jim the stable owner for extending our half day’s rental out to a full day (no extra charge!). Quite a few newcomers came out to try their hand at the games. I like practice days because it lets people who do not feel comfortable jumping right into the tourneys get some practice in or just want to get some schooling in. Very low key. I think everyone had fun. Next time we will run practice in the AM and IKEqC in the PM.

I would like to thank Lady Ceara for helping me ground crew all day Saturday. The Prado sun can be quite brutal. I’d also like to thank Lady Draga and Negoshka for helping me run gate and lists that first day. It being only a practice, we were very short on staff, but I think everything went fairly well.

Saturday night we had 6 people in the group camp. Much thanks to Lord Hob for his fire building skills as Prado sold me all green wood. I was wondering why the third bundle was free.

On to Sunday, I made it that far expecting the worst and praying for the best. It was a great day. Again Master Damales was up and ready at 7am to help me break out the equipment so we could get an early start.

IKEqC went really well with the winner being well…….. ME!!!!!! 15.0 second heads and 36 points on rings for a grand total of 136 points. If you go to the IKEqC site, as long as it is current, that puts a Caidan in 7th place for Interkingdoms.

Duchess Arianna pulled a 15.28 seconds on heads not bad for someones first “official” day. A Definate threat for Queens Champion. My money is on her in the rider auction. Back off!!!

Then on to the Emprise. We got somewhat of a late start. Which seemed to work out after all.

Riding for the Companions of the Tilting Lance

Riding for the Companions of the Tilting Lance

We had as Companions Speaker Lord Nialls
Duchess Arianna
Lady Rhiannon
Lady Ceara
Lord Richard Surefoot

The Venans were made up of The Lance of Santiago and The Lance of the Winged Rabbit.

The Venans were made up of The Lance of Santiago and The Lance of the Winged Rabbit.

The Venans were made up of The Lance of Santiago and The Lance of the Winged Rabbit.

Leading both lances was Master Damales
Sir Stephan
Lady Damien
Don Andre Rodriguez
Lady Katherine of WhiteAcre
Cynthia of Dunbar

Big thanks to Lady Draga for acting as herald for the Companions. We had decided to have a heralded processional coming in at the last minute. Lady Draga did an excellent job working off the cuff.

Once the Companions were set, the Lances of Santiago and the Winged Rabbit began their processional. The Lances of Santiago and the Winged Rabbit rode in accompanied by their herald Lady Mari Dedwydd verch Gwalter, and armored standard bearers. What a
sight to behold. Sir Stephen riding in armor with Great Helm and Shield. Their presentation was stunning. The challenges were inspiring.

The Companions withdrew from the field to discuss the order of the First three challenges. Don Andre after a false start delivered his challenge. He was given the honor of the third challenge. Master Damales’ challenge was inspiring and giving each of the Tenans a period hoof pick won us over even further. Master Damales was given the honor of the second Challenge. Riding with a heavily strapped BROKEN LEG, Sir Stephan was given the Honor of the
First Challenge. That in itself was inspiring, but his Challenge was superb.

The games were a lot of fun. I’d like to thank Don Andre and Lady Rhiannon for including the gallery in their ride. Everyone thought this a grand idea and I think we all had a lot of fun with it.

In the end, the Lance of Santiago and the Lance of the Winged Rabbit won the day. Just barely as both groups were evenly matched and only one ride separated us. It is now, by their skill of arms, their Honor to defend the glade against all comers.

I cannot thank Lady Mari enough for heralding for the Venans, becoming the speaker for the gallery, keeping track of the scoring, leading the gallery in choosing the Best barded horse, Best list shield, and Best letter of intent. A lot of work given to her at the last minute. Superb.

I cannot thank Lord Richard Clerk and Sir Gavin enough for ground crewing all day Sunday. We had zero ground crew and they stepped in.

I cannot thank Lord Luaran enough, after being sick all week and throwing his back out, for stepping up and becoming the Lord of Honor and working the gate. Even though it was obvious he had not fully recovered and probably should have stayed home. Just too dedicated I suppose.

I’d like to thank Lady Draga for running the IKEqC and basically Marshaling the field all Sunday long in the hot Prado sun. It’s one of the Perks to being Minister of the Academy.

For Best Barding, Master Damales took the cup after having spent hours both the night before and the morning of that day polishing all one thousand rivets. Mouse looked stunning. Honorable mention was given to Cynthia of Dunbar.

For Best Letter of Intent, Lady Rhiannon won hands down.

For Best List Shield, Lady Rhiannon won once again. Honorable mention was given to none other than Lord Richard Surefoot, Sir Steffan de Huyn, and Duchess Arianna ny Shane.

Lord Hob was given a gift basket for his continued support of the Equestrian Arts. We cannot thank him enough.

And at the end of the day when I couldn’t bear to look at any of the equipment still left on the field, Cynthia of Dunbar, Lady Katherine, Lord Hob, and Don Andre took it all down and put it away. Thank you, Thank, you and Thank you so much!

I’d like to thank Lady Katherine for bringing up the idea of an Emprise at last GWW. Thanks for letting me run with it.

I would like to thank Duke John for allowing me to use the Company of St. George’s Pas de Armes format and going over what I hoped to accomplish. I had to reworked it for the Equestrian games and Lady Katherine came up with the scoring and the announcement.

I would like to thank Lady Christiaene for her help and advice prior to the event. Both Lady Christiaene and Duke John were sorely missed at this Emprise.

Many things were done at the last minute which worked out extremely well only because of the great ideas of all the participants.

In Service to the Crown and the Equestrian Dream,

Lord Nialls MacKeth, Tilting Lance Tournament Company
Regent, to the Academy of Equestrian Arts

Portable Stalls

If you plan on attending a number of events, or camping with your horse at an event like Great Western War, Gulf Wars, or Estrella you may want to think about investing in a portable stall or corral. Here are a few places that carry sturdy products for a fair price….

Horse-N-Around Corral Systems

ATV Tools

Equine Direct

If you know of others please send them to the editor so we can keep an ongoing list for those interested!

Greetings Caidan Equestrians,

Duchess Arianna

Duchess Arianna

It is my very great pleasure to share with you some wonderful news. Her Grace, Duchess Arianna has agreed to take on the deputy KEO position. She will work closely with Gabriel in order to learn the ropes and take on the full KEO position when ready.

I had originally agreed to take this challenge on, but have since decided not to pursue the
position. It is my humble opinion, however, that Her Grace will do an amazing job, and am confident she’ll take Caid’s equestrian marshallate to a new level.

Please join me in congratulating Arianna on her new endeavor.

:) Christiaen


Queens Equestrian Champion 06-22-2003

Highland War Trail Ride 08-31-2003 IKEqC Tourney & Practice 09-13-2003

Great Western War 10-08 to 10-13-2003 Queens Equestrian Champion 12-07-2003

Estrella War XX 02-11 to 02-15 IKEqC Tourney & Practice 02-29-2004

Emprise of the Tilting Lance 04-17 to 04-18 -2004 Queens Equestrian Champion 06-20-2004

IKEqC Tourney & Practice 08-15-2004 IKEqC Tourney & Practice 09-12-2004

Great Western War 10-06 to 10-11-2004 Queens Equestrian Champion 12-05-2004

Event Photos

Queen’s Equestrian Champion

HRM Catalina December 2001

Photos by Lord Hob Calvin

Equestrian Practice

April 2002

Photos by Don Andre

Queens Equestrian Champion

HRM Felinah June 2002

Photos by Don Andre

Equestrian Practice

September 2002

Photos by Lord Hob Calvin

Great Western War VI

October 2002

Photos by Lord Hob Calvin

Great Western War VI

October 2002

Photos by Don Andre

Queen’s Equestrian Champion

HRM Una December 2002

Photos by Don Andre

Emprise of the Tilting Lance

March 2003

Photos by Lord Hob Calvin

Emprise of the Tilting Lance

March 2003

Photos by Don Andre

Emprise of the Tilting Lance

March 2003

Photos by John Taylor

Emprise of the Tilting Lance


by John Taylor

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Meeting Summary 2/9/2003

February 9th, 2003 Comments off

MEETING SUMMARY — February 9, 2003

• KEO Update
Gabriel went over the general requirements of how to become a marshal, and we all agreed that each Regent should make the effort to become marshalled. He also spoke on our Officers email list, asked us to make sure we keep on track with Academy business, and leave the rules issues to the KEO.

• Prado Report
Ceara contacted Prado and confirmed that our four proposed event and practice dates are open, and that half day rentals of the arena are $75 (full day $125). She will confirm and reserve the dates for us.Also discussed were details for the Prado Mount Report, a database planned to give the group detailed information about the rental horses available at Prado and what they are capable of (event experience, level, etc.).

• Exchequer’s Report
Miriam could not be with us, but Gabriel reported we have $298 in our shoebox account, and possibly $300 in our Kingdom account. We will get exact figures when the Kingdom Exchequer can give us a full report.

• Proposed Equestrian Event Dates
We have the proposed dates: Saturday, April 13 (practice), Sunday, June 23 (QEC or tourney), Sunday, Sept. 15 (practice), Sunday, Dec. 8 (QEC or tourney) approved by the Barony of Dreiburgen (who will be sponsoring the events). The dates are open with Prado, and we are just waiting for official confirmation from Kingdom Calendar.

• April 13th Practice Event
It was decided that Ceara and Amsha would co-autocrat this event. Many possible details were discussed, including a half day practice and a trail ride and/or BBQ afterward, as well as the safety issues and how to run the ring. Ceara and Amsha will meet separately to iron out the details. They will need lot’s of help with volunteering, ground crew, etc. so please contact or if you are interested in helping.

• June 23rd Event
It was decided that Christiaen and Katherine will co-autocrat this event. Many details were also discussed including the importance of the herald, the order-of-go for participants and safety issues. The autocrats will meet separately to iron out the details. They will need lot’s of help with volunteering, ground crew, scoring and gate so please contact or if you are interested in helping.

• Weekly Practice Proposal
The possibility of a weekly or semi-regular equestrian practice was discussed. We all agreed on the basic rules to run a regular practice: it must be published somewhere (CP or email list), it must be covered by SCA insurance, in advance of at least 30 days, it must have a marshal present, it must be held in an arena/area reserved for exclusive SCA event use (can’t be shared by mundanes), safety rules must be followed and separate equipment must be made to use unless Gabriel or Christiaen is present to monitor the Kingdom equipment.

• Estrella 2003
After making contact with Maestro Diego, the captain of the Atenveldt Equestrian group, it was advised that we contact our Monarchs (present and future) to ask them to help encourage the idea of having equestrian activities at Estrella 2003. Draga will contact HRM before Estrella and we will make a proposal to the next Monarchs, once they are chosen. Those of us going this year also agreed to attend the Known World Equestrian Meeting: Saturday 2pm-4pm.

• Open vs Closed meetings and the Caid Equestrian email lists After a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of these two topics, the Regents and Officers came to the following decisions: Regent/Officer meetings will be closed meetings in order to be as productive as possible in a short amount of time, and to have the opportunity to handle sensitive issues, should they come up. Other people can attend the R/O meetings by invitation only. If anyone in the Academy (you are a member of the Academy if you have an interest in horses and are in Caid) is interested in finding out more about becoming a Regent/Officer or would like to attend a meeting, please contact any of the current Regents.

In order to control the high volume of emails, it was decided to organize the Caid Equestrian emails lists as such:

Announcements List: this will be for announcements only. No responses will be possible. It will be used simply to get the word out to the entire Academy regarding important events, dates, issues, etc. Everyone that is currently on the Main list will be signed up for this list. (Please let us know if you want to be removed at any time.)

Main List: this will be for the general Academy populace to discuss issues, events, horses, etc. in the capacity of Caid Equestrian. Everyone currently subscribed to the main list will be included on this list, and should be warned that it could potentially have substantial volume. (Please let us know if you want to be removed, or need a different option such as digest format or web only.)

Regents/Officers List: due to the high volume, this will be a closed list in order provide the Regents/Officers with a semi-quiet place to discuss events, details, projects and sensitive issues.

• Regents Biographies
We decided to ask all Regents to provide a short bio for use on the website and portfolio. These should include history, education, interests, horse experience, special experience or skills, etc. and will help to recruit Regents for teaching and special tasks.

• Fund Raising
With our accounts low and our aspirations high this year, we agreed on the need to do some serious fund raising. Some ideas were quickly discussed, including a fund raiser of some type at Crown on April 20th. More details will follow.

• Assignment of Responsibilities
Tasks and responsibilities were assigned to all Regents in order to champion them and explore them in more detail. If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in any of the areas, please contact the appropriate Regent.

Christiaen/Minister (
* Regular Academy article for the CP
* Estrella 2003
* Fund Raising

Amsha/Regent (
* Handbook Champion and Academy liaison to the KEO
* Academy Awareness and Classes

Ceara/Regent (
* Prado Mounts Report
* New Comer Coordination

Draga/Regent (
* IKEQU competition
* Academy Awareness and Classes

Katherine/Regent (
* Announcements email group/Hot topics
* Academy Portfolio
* Semi-regular Practice

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