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Queen’s Equestrian Championship – 6/3/11-6/5/11

January 11th, 2011

Site Steward: Sir Edward Oakenheart, coronation@carregwen.org
Equestrian Steward: THL Richard Surefoot and Master Conall mac Seaghain

Live Oak Camp
SP 59, Highway 154
Santa Barbara, CA, 93105


The Shire of Carreg Wen would like to invite you to join us in the beautiful hills above Santa Barbara for Coronation and Queen’s Champion in June.  This will be a camping event held at Live Oak Camp, the same site at which the King’s Hunt event is held.  The Site will open at 12:00 on Friday, June 3rd and close at 7:00 pm on Sunday, June 5th.  The activities on Saturday will include the Final Court, Coronation, and First Court.  Please be aware the Courts will be held outside.  There are many trees and much shade, but the ground will be dirt and grass.  Saturday evening there will be a feast followed by dancing.  The cost of the feast will be $10.  Please e-mail feast reservations to the autocrat.  Sunday we will be running ALL of the Queen’s Champion Tournaments.  Yes, you heard right, the site has the capabilities of running all the tourneys on the same day.  So after an evening of festivities and camping, join us for Heavies, Rapier, Youth, Equestrian, Archery, and Thrown Weapons Queen’s Champion.

Merchants are welcome.  For merchant information please contact Dame Collette Vitraria at merchants_coronation@carregwen.org

The Site Fee for the weekend is $20 for Adults and $8 for Teens 13-18. Children less than 13 are guests of the shire.  There will be a family maximum of $56.  If you are joining us for just the day, Site fee will be $8 for Adults and $4 for Teens 13-18. Again Children less than13 are guests of the shire.  A nonmember surcharge of $5 will be charged.   Make checks payable to SCA Inc./ Shire of Carreg Wen

The address of Live Oak Camp is 4600 Highway 154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Take route US-101 toward Santa Barbara.  Once in Santa Barbara take the CA-154 W, towards the mountains.  Follow it over the hill and back down into the valley.  You will be almost to the bottom of the grade when you will turn right.  It is easy to miss the entrance and have to circle around. As soon as you see the greens for Rancho San Marcos Golf Course to your right, slow down. The camp shares its entrance off Highway 154 with Rancho San Marcos Golf Course. Take a left once you’ve passed through that entryway.

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