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Great Western War – 10/5/11-10/10/11

January 11th, 2011

Mounted Archery Training at GWW

Equestrian Autocrat: The Honorable Lady Virginia Read, equestrian@caid-gww.org
Equestrian Deputy – Scheduling and Tournaments: Lady Tierrynna CaerNarvon, dncngtiger@yahoo.com
Equestrian Deputy - Stable Manager: TBD

Great Western War will occur from October 5-10, 2011 at the beautiful Lake Buena Vista in Taft, CA. Current activities include the Angels Baronial Equestrian Championship, mounted archery, a castle charge, Celtic Challenge Рa point and speed based bareback tournament, and a lake trail ride processional. More information will come as scheduling is finalized.

On-site camping and stabling are available. You may bring your own stall(s) at a discounted stabling rate.

For more information including horse registration please visit: http://www.caid-gww.org/equestrian.php

If you are coming from out of state and need to request a loaner horse please contact equestrian@caid-gww.org

Loaner horses are not always available and are done on a private party basis with another rider. It is HIGHLY recommended that you request to be put on the mount list as soon as possible.

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