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Equestrians Shine at Great Western War

October 12th, 2011

Great Western War XIV had its biggest equestrian showing yet, as 22 horses and their riders participated in a variety of activities. Thanks to the tireless efforts of THL Virginia Read and her deputies, THL Reina MacCormick and Lady Tierrynna CaerNarvon, equestrian arts took center stage throughout the War. Full details and pictures will follow, but here are some of the highlights:

-        Mounted armored combat made its first appearance at GWW, with not one, but two melees held on the Main Battlefield;

-        Equestrians collaborated with the Constable’s Office to authorize riders for the first-ever Mounted Patrols at GWW;

-        Eleven riders from three kingdoms participated in the Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition – see the results here;

-        Equestrians from HRM Mora’s Guard and Court challenged the Chivalry to mounted combat – watch this site to find out who won!

If you have ideas or suggestions for next year’s equestrian activities at Great Western War XV, send them to equestrian@sca-caid.org.

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