Queen’s Champion

November 8th, 2011

queenschampion-kkOnce every six months a tournament is held in honor of the Queen. The winner of this tournament is declared Her Majesty’s Champion for the duration of her reign.

More info at: Caid Wiki – Queen’s Champion

A Champion’s Duties

Being a Champion means that you represent Her Majesty, both on and off your horse. This is exemplified by (a) your conduct and (b) your presence.

Your conduct at events, during tournaments, at practice… all reflect upon Her honor. You are in the public eye, and everything you say or do is magnified by your position. Courtesy to all, extra P’s-n-Q’s. Not making cracks or comments (no matter how quietly or small–they seem to spread). Creating an aura of respectfulness (not silliness) during court. Yes, this is a game, but by playing the game by giving the respect and support one would expect to the Crown helps make turn our “game” into something special. In this position, you can make or break someone’s perception of the SCA.

Your presence – should be as much as possible. You should plan to attend as many events as possible (not just the horse ones). While you are expected to represent Her Majesty at Championship tourneys (usually held at wars), you are expected to stand Court as much as possible. This is a fun and rewarding experience, not just hard work. Champions are very dear to a Queen, and your absence will cause her sorrow. Also, you are representing the Equestrian community. Attending non-horse events helps promote us as part of the SCA… not some fringe group that only does horse stuff. While many of us do attend non-horse events and activities, as Champion you stand out, and will be seen and remembered.

Being Queen’s Champion is a high honor, and as such comes with high expectations and duties. In the other fighting forms, it is asked that if you do not feel that you can perform these duties, then please do not fight for the Championship. I would ask that the Equestrian community also hold itself to this standard – please do not compete to be Champion if you cannot fulfill the duties.

If you wish to ride as a competitor but not for the Championship, that can often be accommodated (i.e. you will not ride in the finals if you make it that far).  This needs to be discussed ahead of time with the Autocrat, who will probably ask Her Majesty if that is acceptable. There is no shame in not trying to be Champion… sometimes people just are not in the position to provide this much support. You gain greater honor by recognizing this, and putting Her Majesty (and not your pride or ambition) first.

In my 20+ years in the SCA, I have heard this speech many many time.  And sometimes I have sat out. This year is the first time I have been privileged to serve as Champion. A time I will never forget, and well worth the wait.

In Service,

Former Equestrian Queen’s Champions

More info at: Caid Wiki – Former Queen’s Champions

1978 Queen Diana de Savigny

1978 Queen Neptha of Thebes

1979 Queen Arianyn du Penryn

1979 Queen Amsha al Sirhan

1980 Queen Neptha of Thebes

1980 Queen Diana de Savigny

1981 Queen Acelyn Schirleah the Chaste

1981 Queen Arianyn du Penryn

1982 Queen Natalya Gregorovna of Shadowhyrst

1982 Queen Ealasaid nic Chlurain

1983 Queen Natalya Gregorovna of Shadowhyrst

1983 Queen Berengaria of Hythe

1984 Queen Troy of Nodham Whyre

1984 Queen Leonora Morgana

1985 Queen Isabel Antonia de Aranjuez

1985 Queen Tressa Helana Beaumaris

1986 Queen Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari

1986 Queen Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode

1987 Queen Cassaundra Igraine of Gwynedd

1987 Queen De’shiv’e Luciana d’Avignon

1988 Queen Alysandra the Whyte Moor

1988 Queen Darla of Castle Kirk

1989 Queen De’shiv’e Luciana d’Avignon

1989 Queen Darla of Castle Kirk

1990 Queen Lyn of Whitewolfe

1991 Queen Fiona Julienne nic Lowry

1991 Queen Adriana d’Orsay des Hippocampes

  • Donwenna Beast Healer of Hawksheye

1991 Queen Black Aislynn Straithbaern

1992 Queen Tristana Raefenloch

1992 Queen Arielle la Floer

1993 Queen Ceinwen ferch Rhys ap Gawain

1993 Queen Crystal Corazon del Leon Borbon

1994 Queen Ristil ingen Cathail

1994 Queen Black Aislynn Straithbaern

1995 Queen Arianna of Chelsea

1995 Queen Ceinwen ferch Rhys ap Gawain

1996 Queen Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste

1996 Queen Arianna ny Shane

1997 Queen Caroline Marie de Fontenailles

1997 Queen Karina al Quihira

1998 Queen Trifona Anastasiia Dodovicha

  • Gabriel Shadewehauke (on Erike)

1998 Queen Luciana Maria Novella Di Carlo

  • Ivan the Illustrated (on Erike)

1999 Queen Seanach an tSeanachaidhe

1999 Queen Battista de Lagos

2000 Queen Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din

2000 Ciar Lasse MacGregor

  • Christiaen de Groote (on Napoleon)

2001 Queen Kissa Irminwiht

  • Christiaen de Groote (on Napoleon)

2001 Queen Catalina Oro Sol

  • Katherine de Whitacre (on Jackie)

2002 Queen Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din

  • Christiaen de Groote (on Napoleon)

2002 Queen Una Orcadiana

  • Nils Reiter (on Spotticus)

2003 Queen Carynsa Leland of Roseberry

  • Richard Surefoot Mallory (on Valentine)

2003 Queen Levana Nicolette de Lyon

  • Damales Redbeard (on Mouse)

2004 Queen Nuala nic Ailin

  • Katherine de Whitacre (on Zanzibar)

2004 Queen Chamayn of Castile

  • Nils Reiter (on Fred)

2005 Queen Adriana Von Vogelsang

  • Katherin de Whitacre (on April of the Steppes)

2005 Queen Chamayn of Castile

  • Tamara of Many Horses (on Sugar)

2006 Queen Kolfinna kottr

  • Richard Surefoot Mallory (on Valor)

2006 Queen Faizeh al-Zarqa

  • Tamara of Many Horses (on Sugar)

2007 Queen Iðuna breiðrazi

  • Erycha Orlon von Scotte (on Storm)

2007 Queen Faizeh al-Zarqa

  • Richard Surefoot Mallory (on Valor)

2008 Queen Mora de Buchanan

  • Virginia Read (on Casanova)

2008 Queen Kolfinna kottr

  • Arabella da Siena (on Zia)

2009 Queen Mora de Buchanan II

  • Virginia Read (on Casanova)

2009 Queen Kara the Twin of Kelton

  • Mayken de Houtman (on Jo-jo)

2010 Queen Eleanor di Michelozzo Gianfigliazi

  • Arabella da Siena (on Otto)

2010 Queen Thaleia Lakediamonia

  • Richard Surefoot Mallory (on Valor)

2011 Queen Mora de Buchanan III

  • Conall mac Seaghain (on Foxier)

2011 Queen Cassandra Zoe Paganal

  • Gabriel macMahan (on Cadet)
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