September 11th, 2011

Rings of various sizes are suspended from the arm of a standard. The rider attempts to spear the rings with a lance.

Our current method of running the rings is almost identical to plates shown in Antoine de Pluvinel’s “Le Maniege Royal”, first published in 1623. Techniques showing the correct way to hold your lance for ring tilting also show up in French illuminations from the Middle Ages. A similar activity was used in the Middle East, described in “The Training of the Mamluk Faris” (H. Rabie) as: “…metal rings, twelve in number, fixed to a piece of metal, which all had to be caught in one attempt.”

For the Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition (IKEqC), the rings are set up on three posts with rings ranging in size from 1 inch to 6 inches. Ring layout for each pass is defined in the competition rules. Two passes are allowed and scores are based on the number and size of rings caught on the end of a spear.

Tilting at Rings Lord Richard Surefoot and Val

Lord Richard Surefoot and Valor lancing the Rings

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