June 21st, 2012

Birjas is a javelin or spear game from Turkey. A post called a dari’a is set out level with the rider’s height. On top of the post is placed a ring or a loop large enough for a lance or javelin to pass through. As the lancer rides past, he or she thrusts the weapon through the ring, then catches it on the other side of the target. A failed attempt meant that the ring was knocked down or the lance fell to the ground.  The rider may hold the weapon with one or two hands. One-handed javelins should be 4′ in length and 1″-1.25″ in diameter. Two-handed spears should be 7-9′ long, 1-1.25″ in diameter.

Dona Arabella Demonstrates One-Handed Birjas

Dame Arabella demonstrates one-handed birjas

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